Australian King Parrot – Care, Diet, Behavior, and Personality

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Australian king parrot, one of Australia’s most striking and colorful birds. These birds are famous for novice and experienced bird owners due to their beauty and friendly personalities. This guide will explore everything you need to know about the Australian king parrot, from its physical characteristics to its diet, breeding, and health.

Common NameAustralian King Parrot
Scientific NameAlisterus scapularis
DietFruits, vegetables, seeds, and pellets
Group NameParrot
Average LifespanUp to 25 years
Size40 – 45 cm
Weight250 – 310 g
Species Overview: Australian King Parrot

Physical Characteristics

The Australian king parrot is a medium-sized parrot that measures around 40 cm (16 inches) in length. The males are easily recognizable due to their vibrant red heads and chests, while females have green authorities and bodies with reddish belly. Both sexes have a bright green back, blue wings, and a long, pointed tail. These birds are sexually dimorphic, meaning males and females have different physical characteristics.

Behavior and Personality

Australian king parrots are known for their friendly and pleasant personalities. They are intelligent birds that thrive on social interaction and attention from their owners. They are also active and curious and enjoy exploring their environment. These birds are not shy and often greet visitors with loud and distinctive calls.

Natural Habitat and Distribution

The Australian king parrot is native to eastern Australia and can be found in both forested and semi-forested areas. They are also commonly found in parks and gardens, where they are often attracted to bird feeders. These birds are non-migratory and can be found in the same areas year-round.

Captivity and Care

Australian king parrots can make excellent pets but require much care and attention. Active birds need plenty of space to move around, so a large cage is necessary. These birds also require plenty of toys and stimulation to keep them entertained. They also need regular social interaction with their owners to remain happy and healthy.

Diet and Nutrition

Australian king parrots feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, and flowers in the wild. In captivity, a balanced diet for these birds should include a high-quality seed mix, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a source of protein such as cooked eggs or chicken. These birds also require access to clean water at all times.


Breeding Australian king parrots can be a rewarding but challenging experience. These birds can breed year-round, and females will lay between 3-7 eggs per clutch. Incubation lasts around 21 days, and the chicks will fledge at about 6-7 weeks of age. Experienced bird owners should only attempt breeding, as it requires much knowledge and attention to detail.

Health & Common Conditions

Australian king parrots are generally healthy birds with proper care and nutrition. However, like all animals, they can be prone to specific health conditions. Some common health issues in these birds include respiratory infections, psittacosis, and feather plucking. Regular veterinary checkups and a clean environment are essential for keeping these birds healthy.


The Australian king parrot has several color mutations, including lutino, albino, and pied. These mutations are not common in the wild but are popular among breeders and pet owners.

Training and Socialization

Australian king parrots are intelligent birds that can be trained to do various tricks and behaviors. Positive reinforcement techniques, such as clicker and target training, are highly effective for teaching these birds new behaviors. Socialization is also essential for these birds, as it helps to prevent boredom and aggressive behavior.


In conclusion, the Australian King Parrot is a stunning and intelligent bird that can make an excellent pet for the right owner. As we have seen, this species has unique physical characteristics, behavior, and personality traits that make them stand out from other parrots. With proper care and attention, these birds can live for up to 25 years in captivity, providing their owners many years of companionship.

It is important to note that Australian King Parrots are unsuitable for everyone. Potential owners must have the necessary experience, resources, and dedication to provide these birds with essential care and attention. This includes providing a spacious, stimulating environment, a balanced diet, and plenty of socialization and training.

Overall, the Australian King Parrot is an exceptional bird that deserves our admiration and respect. As with any pet, owning a King Parrot requires a significant commitment, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

FAQs about Australian king parrot

  1. What is the scientific name of the Australian King Parrot?

The scientific name of the Australian King Parrot is Alisterus scapularis.

  1. How long do Australian King Parrots live?

Australian King Parrots can survive for as long as 25 years in captivity.

  1. What should I feed my Australian King Parrot?

A balanced diet for an Australian King Parrot should consist of various fruits, vegetables, seeds, and pellets.

  1. Do Australian King Parrots make good pets?

Australian King Parrots can be great pets for experienced bird owners who can give them the required care and attention.

  1. Can Australian King Parrots learn to talk?

While Australian King Parrots are not known for their ability to mimic human speech, they are brilliant birds that can learn various tricks and commands.

  1. Are Australian King Parrots noisy?

Australian King Parrots are relatively quiet compared to other parrot species but can still make noise, incredibly when excited or agitated.

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